About Us

The YMCA was established over 170 years ago (Since 1851) as a charity dedicated to the health of both individuals and communities. Our focus on inclusiveness and accessibility means we serve people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities through all stages of life. Through YMCA Financial Assistance, the YMCA is accessible to all.

Today, there are 36 YMCAs and 4 YMCA-YWCAs in Canada that offer programs and services tailored to each community’s needs. Together, they serve 2 million people in more than 1,000 communities across Canada – and they keep growing. All Associations are members of YMCA Canada, which works to strengthen associations and advocates on their behalf, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We are unique, an established charity that builds a healthier community ensuring no one ever is denied access due to an inability to pay. Since 1956, the YMCA of Oakville has played a most crucial role in improving the quality of health and life for thousands of people in Oakville. We do this through:

·       Financial Assistance for all YMCA programs helping individuals and families in need become healthier both physically and mentally. During the pandemic, we are offering Virtual Fitness Classes and Online Personal Training to people isolated in their homes.

·       We are the largest provider of Licensed Child Care committed to safe and convenient flexible programs for struggling parents and frontline workers.

·       In normal times, we offered free family programs to help connect parents and together face the joys and challenges of parenthood. During the pandemic, we are offering free virtual content for families isolated at home.

·       Before COVID-19, we offered a wide range of Community Outreach programs delivered to people in need. During the pandemic, we delivered outdoor fitness classes and hosted neighborhood walking clubs to keep individuals active and social.

·       Pre-pandemic the Oakville YMCA Community Van transported children and youth from their neighborhood to our location at 410 Rebecca Street to attend recreation and aquatics programs.

·       We continue to partner with volunteers at all levels of our organization providing opportunities for leadership and community service when restrictions allow.